Pic @Nickie Robinson

  Born and raised in Paris, Kat is a painter and street artist. She moved to Montreal  in 2011 in order to set up her art career. Her art has been displayed in different galleries in Paris, Berlin and Montréal. She also participated to many international street art festivals.

  Kat expresses herself through her art and her paintings lend her voice to causes that really matter to her. She has always been an engaged artist. She used to speak up for animals rights and has recently been working on paintings dedicated to brandalism. With this new series, she wants to stand up against these huge companies and lobbies which do not respect human rights, environmental and animal conditions. She wants to raise awareness among the public  about what is going on in our modern society and in the world around us.



«MURAL festival» poster for Publicité Sauvage, street art festival - Montréal, Canada- June 2019   

«UNDERPRESSURE» wheatpastes, street art festival - Montréal, Canada- Aug. 2018        

«IPAF» wall, street art festival - Tepoztlan, Mexico - Oct. 2016        

«UNDERPRESSURE» wall, street art festival - Montréal, Canada - Aug. 2016

«MURAL festival» art installation, street art festival - Montréal, Canada- June 2016  




«Krause Gallery» Emerging to established - New-York, USA - July-Aug 2019

«Art By friends Gallery» Queens creation - Annecy, France - Oct. 2018    

«Psycho Zoo festival» Montréal - Aug. 2018        

«Fresh Paint Gallery» Queens creation - Montréal - Aug. 2017    

«Fresh Paint Gallery» Art attack - Montréal - Nov. 2015        

«Galerie Abyss» Celebrities - Montréal - March 2014    

«Festival danse macabre» Montréal - Dec. 2014  

«Usine 106U» gallery - Montréal - Mars 2014      

«Decover Magazine» Monstra - Montréal - Oct. 2013             

«Usine 106U» gallery - Montréal - Oct. 2012              

«La Raffinerie» Crève coeur - Montreuil, France - Feb. 2011   

«46ème Salon d’Arts Plastiques de l’ADAC» Châtillon, France - Oct. 2010  

«la Raffinerie» Mother fucker - Montreuil, France - May 2010  

«Lafayette 88» gallery - Paris, France - Feb. 2009                  

«Le Progrès» Paris, France - Oct. 2008                    

«L’Art de rien» gallery - Paris, France - July - Aug. 2008       

«L’Art de rien» gallery - Paris, France - Dec. 07 - Jan. 08      

«L’Art de rien» gallery - The Bic Show - Paris, France - Sept. 2007       

«Abnormals Gallery» I am abnormal - Berlin, Germany - January 2011       




«Paris city hall» Inside landscapes - Paris, France - Feb. 2011  

«Academia, musique et chant» Paris, France - Feb - March 2007    

«Ô vingt de Nemours» Paris, France - June - July 2006